12 Weirdest and Most Unusual Plants on the Planet
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12 Weirdest and Most Unusual Plants on the Planet

Can you imagine the world we live in without plants? Some plants are beautiful and some plants are not. Many plants can be eaten and many are poisonous. Some plants are major sources of medicine and some are simply bizarre in appearance.

Can you imagine the world we live in without plants? Some plants are beautiful and some plants are not. Many plants can be eaten and many are poisonous. Some plants are major sources of medicine and some are simply bizarre in appearance.

There are 258,650 known species of flowering plant on the planet. Here are some of the most peculiar and unique plants and flowering plants on the planet.

1.) Elephant’s Foot (Adenia pechuelii)

Image Source

Does it look like a stone with plants that grew on it? This peculiar-looking plant is native to Namibia and only grows in area. This very rare plant, which is protected by law, can grow up to 1 meter in height. It is also called Desert Kohlrabi.

2.) Fly Orchid (Ophrys insectifera)

Image Source

The unique Fly Orchid is endemic to Europe. It was so named because it resembles a fly and it is totally dependent on flies and bees for pollination. This plant uses scent to attract male flies, which pollinate the flowers as it attempts to mate with the flower. The scent released by the flowers mimic female fly sexual pheromones

3.) Jelly Bean Plant (Sedum rubrotinctum)

Image Source

The Jelly Bean Plant is also commonly known Pork and Beans is so named for its short leaves that resemble jelly beans. This plant originated in Mexico. One thing unique about this plant is its leaves -it change color from green to red during the summer months as a protective adaptation and sprout bright yellow flowers from between the leaves in mid-spring. This plant is poisonous and may cause irritation when ingested or touched.

4.) Bladderpod (Cleome isomeris)

Image Source

This beautiful plant located at the Joshua Tree National Park is loaded with bright yellow flowers from top to bottom. This unusual plant which is endemic to California and Baja California is also commonly known as Burrofat and California Cleome.

5.) Burro’s Tail (Sedum morganianum)

Image Source

Burro's Tail or Donkey Tail is an unusual-looking succulent plan that can be found in Mexico and Honduras. This plant appears to be leafless making its appearance unique. This peculiar plant produces long trailing stems with fleshy blue-green leaves and produces terminal, pink to red flowers.

Image Source

This houseplant is popular for its foliage and is best grown in full sunlight. It should be remember that this bizarre plant is susceptible to over-watering, especially during winter dormancy.

6.) Erythrina speciosa

Image Source

These lovely flowers in red are the flowers of a flowering tree called Erythrina speciosa. The plant is endemic to the largest South American country – Brazil. It is often cultivated as ornamental tree and has been introduced in Africa and India. It is pollinated by hummingbirds.

7.) Dragon Arum (Draconculus vulgaris)

Image Source

The Dragon Arum, which is called Drakondia on its native range. It was so named because its long spadex being viewed as a small dragon hiding in the spathe. It is endemic to the Balkans and some islands in the Mediterranean. This bizarre plant is characterized by a large purple spathe and spadix that has a very repulsive odor reminiscent of a carcass. It is also known with various common names like Black Arum, Voodoo Lily, Snake Lily, Stink Lily, Black Dragon, Dragonwort and Ragons.

8.) Japanese Jack-in-the-Pulpit (Arisaema sikokianum)

Image Source

The unique Japanese Jack-in-the-Pulpit is an unusual woodland plant remarkable for its unmistakable smoky-purple base, snow-white cup and large hood with purple, green and white stripes. It can only be found in moist, shaded areas in Japan.

9.) Showy Stonecrap (Hylotelephium spectabile)

Image Source

This cluster of beautiful pink flower is known by a variety of common names such as Showy Stonecrop, Ice Plant and Butterfly Stone Crop. It is an herbaceous plant with alternate, simple leaves on succulent stems.

10.) Encephalartos sclavoi

Image Source

Another unique-looking plant with unique flower is Encephalartos sclavoi. This unusal plant is an endangered palm-like cycad that grows up to one meter long. The leaves are long, dark green and semi-glossy. It can be found in Tanzania.

11.) Big Welwitschia (Welwitschia mirabilis)


The Big Welwitschia is one of the weirdest plants on the planet and is the largest known Welwitschia. It can grow up to 1.4 m tall and is over 4 m in diameter. It is considered a living fossil which was discovered in 1859. This unusual plant grows exclusively in the Namib Desert within Namibia and Angola. This is a very long-lived plant that can live up to more than 2,000 years old.

12.) Cleavers (Galium aparine)

Image Source

This beauty to behold is endemic North America and Eurasia. It is an herbaceous annual plant that is known for several common names like Catchweed, Clivers, Coachweed, Goosegrass, Stickywilly, Stickyweed and Robin-run-the-hedge. One interesting feature of this plant is its fruit – when dried and roasted, it can be used to make a coffee-like drink. One more interesting trait of Cleaver is – it can also be made into a tea. Its white to greenish flowers with four petals is covered with hooked hairs.

There you have it, some of the world's weirdest and most unusual plants.

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