Animals and Their Parenting Skills
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Animals and Their Parenting Skills

Animals just like man have great parenting skills.

Animals have their own ways of caring for their young. They maybe animals but many of them have great parenting skills. Animals reproduce just like man and after giving birth they take care of their young. Some give birth and leave their young to fend for themselves but some animals take care of their young until such time that they could take care of themselves. The parenting skills of animals are learned from their parents just like what man does.

Among the animals that have great parenting skills are mammals. They are probably the most caring parents in the world of animals. When the female mammal gives birth to her baby, she feeds it with milk that she produces from her body. The mother mammal feeds her baby with her own milk until such time that the baby can take care of herself. During the time when the mammal is still taking care of her baby, the young mammal is learning different skills from her mother about survival. By the time the baby is ready to go free from her mother, she has already learned how to hunt for food and mingle with other animals.

One of the best parents is the kangaroo who keeps her babies in her pouch until the babies are ready to make it on their own. The dog and the cat are also animals with great parenting skills. When the puppies and kittens are born, their mother cleans them by licking at them until they are rid of the dirt when they were born. They also feed them with their own milk just like what every mammal does. But the difference among the dogs and cats is that they stay with their babies for longer time than other animals do.

Birds build a nest when it is time for them to lay eggs. When they have hatched their eggs, they guard them from enemies that are lurking around. When the nestlings are hungry, the mother bird leaves the nest to find food for the babies.

Among the animals with great parenting skills also are the penguins and elephants. The male penguin keeps the egg between his feet during winter until spring comes. Elephants take care of their babies in groups. The female who gave birth and the baby is taken cared by the other female elephants.

Many animals have great parenting skills. The aim of this is for them to survive and become more. Due to evolution, animals have learned a lot of skills. They maybe animals but they can also think and they can be taught what to do. Parent animals teach their offspring too just like man. So the parenting skills that the offspring sees in the mother are passed to the offspring’s babies.

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