Bizarre and Cool Animals in the Animal Planet May 25, 2012
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Bizarre and Cool Animals in the Animal Planet May 25, 2012

There are so many amazing and truly strange creatures that we never really know about, much less learn about. It's fun to find out new information about an animal that you never really knew existed before. In the ever pressing demand to save more animal species knowledge is the best weapon against extinction.
  • Caracal 

This very cool cat is from parts of Asia and africa. They are very territorial and are actually quite small. The males weigh anywhere from 29-40 lbs. The name comes from the Turkish karakulac which is black ear. Unlike most cats whose pupils make a point, the caracal's pupils are round and give them a different look than most cats.

  • Corroboree Frog 

These tiny guys hail from Australia and the name comes from an Aboriginal word which translates as gathering or meeting place. 

  • Dingo 

Whenever you mention a dingo to most people the immediate thought is of Seinfeld and Elaine saying, "The dingo ate your baby." These wild dogs of Australia are fiercly protective, my grandfather raised dingoes when I was a baby and I know exactly how protective they can be. They are actually wonderfully smart and for the right people can make great domesticated animals.

  • Yellow Crested Jackson's Chameleon 

These beautifully colored lizards hail from Africa. Males posess 3 horns that are brown in color and females have no horns at all. They get to be about as long as a ruler and like all chameleons change color to match their environment and their eyes are a really unusual color.

  •  Amazon River Dolphin 

These Beautiful dolphins can be pink or gray and they live in freshwater in the Amazon in South America. On average they are 8-9 feet long and weigh about 200 lbs. Scientist haven't been able to explain the unusual pink color as of yet.

  • Galago 

These amazing little monkeys have quite large eyes that give them excellent night vision. They also have very long tails for balancing purposes. They are also called bush babies and come from Africa. Galagoes can jump straight up 6 feet, an amazing distance, some have said even as much as 20 feet. Their body size, without the tail, is only about 7-8 inches.

  • Babirusa 

These crazy looking members of the pig family are found on islands in Indonesia. Those things that look like horn sticking up are actually their canine teeth. They are obviously pretty crazy looking.

  • Emerald Tree Skink 

These cute little green lizards can be found in Taiwan, the Philippines, eastern Indonesia, Micronesia, New Guinea and Solomon Islands. They are great hitchhikers as they like to catch rides on palm trees that are being sent to other places. They are usually around 8 inches long but can be found as long as about 10 inches long.

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Comments (4)

Great! Love those pink dolphines.  

Ranked #7 in Biology

Peter, aren't they cool...Peace Jaz

Yes they are really cool and well-illustrated.

Ranked #7 in Biology

Ron, thank you, as always Peace Jaz