Bizarre and Cool Animals in the Animal Planet May 28, 2012
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Bizarre and Cool Animals in the Animal Planet May 28, 2012

With animals becoming endangered and extinct at an alarmingly rapid rate due to human encroachment, environmental issues and other factors it is so important that we become familiar with the animals that share this planet with us. Too often we humans have taken the Earth for granted and naively ignored the impact we have environmentally.
  • Water Dragon 

These very cool looking lizards hail from Australia and grow between 2-3 feet long. They are great swimmers and also adapt to human presence, although naturally shy. They move very fast and have powersful arms and legs. They are distinguished by the mohawk at the top of their heads running down their back.

  • Trogon 

These brightly colored birds come in a wide variety of colors and the word trogon is Greek for nibbling. Trogons nibble the bark off trees to build their nests inside the holes they bore out. These beautiful little birds are ttropical and can be found worldwide.

  • Quokka 

Pronounced Ëˆkwä-kÉ™, these adorable little guys are only about the size of a cat weighing in at about 5 lbs to 11 ibs. They are related to kangaroos, are marsupials and are native to Australia.

  • Vampire Squid 

These small guys only get to be about the length of a ruler. Vampire squids are similar to both octopuses and squids and live at extreme depths in the tropical oceans.

  • Baiji 

These freshwater dolphins live in the Yangtzee River in China. They have been declared "functionally extinct" and the last known living baiji died in 2002. 

  • Cape Ghost Frog 

These amphibians hail from South Africa. They are very small and only get close to 2 inches in length.

  • Umbrella Bird 

These unique and beautiful birds come from Central and South America and live in the rain forest. They have loud calls and the red on their neck is called a wattle which aids them in their calls. They are distinguished by the umbrella shaped feathers on the tops of their heads.

  •  Egret 

These beautiful relatives of the heron are found in tropical areas all over the world. They are quite large birds and hard to miss particularly when in flight. The stand about 3 1/3 feet tall with an amazing wing span of almost 6 feet! The egret is the symbol of the National Audobon Society whose focus is on bird preservation and ecosystems that support bird populations.

  • Fairy Bluebird 

These beautifully colored birds live in Asia and the Philippines. The females are a lighter shade of green. These birds are one of the few in the bird world where the female's plummage is as pretty as the males. They eat fruit as a main staple and prefer figs but will take larger fruit and break it up to a manageable size.

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