Can Primates and Humans Interbreed
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Can Primates and Humans Interbreed

Can Humans and Primates breed creating offspring.

Are Primates And Humans Really Capable Of Breeding.

For many hundreds of years there has been some speculation as to if a primate has ever been crossbreed to a Human. The many tales and folklore of this leggend is astounding. The claims that the DNA structures of both parties are almost exact are completely a misrepresentation from what is the real truth.

This departure from the real facts has afforded ignorant people the opportunity to make such statements as”man and ape can breed.” Or”we are all descendents from primates” This is truly far from the truth, and here we will set the record straight for those who are not informed of the correct facts. First we will look at the real facts.

The Frauds

The first fraud is the statement that the DNA of humans and primates are very close. This is so far from the truth. The real truth is that in humans and Chimpanzees there is a 98.77% match in chromosome pairs. This leaves a 2.7% difference between humans and Great Apes. Does this sound like a small difference? The 2.7% cause’s differences that are is so sharp, and that upon examination of these differences, the facts are so clear supporting the fact, that Man and Apes can’t Breed.

The 2.7% difference in chromosomes affects these parts of a human’s makeup. The brain of a human is 3 times as large as that of a Great Ape. This accounts for a human’s ability to rationalize and think ideas through. Humans are also the only Primate Species missing a hairy covering over all their body parts. We also do not have a thick fat layer covering our bodies as noted in other Primate Species. Human females also are one of the only Primate species that the female becomes sterile with age. This usually occurs in human females many years before the female is old and dying of age related problems. This same scenario is not true in primates.

Speech in itself is the separating factor between Primates and Humans. To speak and understand the English Language it would take a computer the equivalent of 1000 cycles’ per second, and it would have over one million transistors. A primate has never spoken the English Language. Some Primates have been taught to use sign language but only at the level of a three to four year old human. So the differences are truly major. Make no mistake about it, there is truly too much of a difference for Primates and Humans to have offspring together.

Bigfoot, the Yetti, the Abominable Snowman and many more are sometimes claimed to be the product of this un-true union between man and ape. Hollywood has made its mark by the creation of movies that support humans and Primates breeding to make the ultimate Human warrior. This just isn’t true.

The stories of Adolf Hitler having an ultimate soldier that was breed from humans and ape DNA is one of the greatest myths to be found.

The Truth

Mankind is so different in the cellular makeup that if a person really chooses to examine the facts based on science there is no possible link to be found to support the above idea of Human and Primates being able to breed. Never has there been a missing link produced in an identifiable form. This is all just a speculation made by a scientist and group of mean trying to prove the theory of evolution.

The claims of science fiction and Hollywood to create an animal that was part Human and part Primate is just science fiction folklore. It is however true that mankind has made many levels of new progress in mapping the genes of humans. The gene mapping could be useful in identifying what part of DNA causes a human to have particular ability’s or looks. This knowledge could be used in a way to breed Humans with genetically altered features. We have seen this already in Dolly the cloned sheep.

While man may be able to do some gene mapping and some small manipulation of those genes we are far from being able to create life and dictate its attributes.

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Comments (10)

What an interesting topic. I am not sure if some haven't been released on society already! ;0

Ranked #22 in Biology

I never heard that theory that humans and prmates can breed, we know that there is very little species interbreding in the animal kingdom, and I have always heard than humans cannot breed with any other species.

Now days people will believe anything that tickles their fancy, anything just to make up a story to tell. Thanks so much for making this so clear to the ones that just don't get it. Imagine that! We were created in God's image only. Sometimes I even think are all of us human with the minds sets that some of us have about these things. HA! Thanks for telling it the way it really is.

Ranked #14 in Biology

Yes, it is quite hard to believe. However, if you remove the religious views from the occasion. How do you explain Bonobo's, who have sex face to face, walk upright, and express the same emotions and behavior as humans? Comparative researchers have come to alarming discoveries about this topic.

Ranked #22 in Biology

adaptive mutations - the same old theory they always had

This is great stuff friend. I agree with your conclusion. We are also said to have about 87% of the DNA of a dandelion...but, hey, I think I did not evolve from any weed! What gets me is that there are 300 million species and over 100 million collected & catagorized fossils, yet NOT ONE SINGLE transtional fossil has ever been found? They talk about missing links, well let me say that the whole chain is missing! Well done Jeff. :-)

Ranked #6 in Biology

Really good article. I heard another myth, that the Russians in Stalin's day tried to create super soldier monkey men. Part of the myth was that they succeeded, but the monkey-men wouldn't follow orders. I guess Stalin finally met his match!

Fantastic article! I enjoyed reading this. You touched a very intruiging subject.

its the same all humans can interbreed ,all apes can interbreed.My uncle crossed a house cat with a mountain lion and got a really vicious house cat.

As bad as your math is, you grasp of biology is far worse.  98.77 leaves 2.7?  We are closer to chimps and bonobos than horses are to zebras, lions are to tigers, etc. They all produce corsses easily.  You are a moron with a PC.