Choosing the Right Pet Bird for You

Looking at a pet bird can somewhat give you a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Prior to getting a bird, try to consider certain pointers that will guide you in choosing the best bird type for you.

It happens often to some people who are too impulsive in buying a bird as their pet. Once inside the pet store, they get attracted to colorful and beautiful talking bird who greets them with warm hello. The next thing they knew, they’re driving home their new pet bird. But little did they know about the nature of that specific bird. There are birds that can live for over 80 years and need a high maintenance supply. There are some that can be very noisy and annoying and even hard to train. Instead of getting a pet bird to be entertained and to have a sense of relaxation, what they get is irritations and maybe regret for bringing home such an untamed bird in the first place. Dissatisfaction in the part of the owner could sometimes lead to unwanted birds. This is so because both did not meet each other’s expectations.

Make sure that this will not happen to you. Certain things need to be heeded before engaging in keeping a bird pet.

Best Bird’s Size

Try to consider the size of the bird you want to keep as a pet especially if you’re a novice. It follows that the larger the bird, the more commitments it require from its owner. It also means they are more louder, demanding and bigger expenses. Make sure that you can meet the bird’s expectations if you opt to get a large bird pet. For beginners, it is advisable to start keeping a smaller bird size.


Different bird species exhibit unique behavioral patterns and temperament. In keeping a pet bird, set what your purpose is. Do you want a bird just to adorn your home and prefer to have it stay inside the cage most of the time? Or do you want a socialize bird who will stay out of the cage too often, play with you or entertain you? In choosing what bird to pet, your purpose will influence you on what bird type to get whose behavior will be compatible to you.

Budget and Maintenance

Before bringing a pet bird, it is a must for would be pet owner to learn about the specific diet and other care needed for the potential bird type. Some bird’s diet and care can be too expensive. A would be owner should be financially stable to handle all the necessary needs of the bird pet that is not just limited to foods but consider also the shelter or housing and more so, the veterinary care.

In keeping a bird pet, make sure to keep it happy and healthy. One sure thing that a responsible potential owner should consider prior to obtaining a bird is to get one that is compatible with one’s lifestyle.


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