Easy Explanation of Why the Sky Is Blue
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Easy Explanation of Why the Sky Is Blue

Why is the sky blue? How is the sun responsible for the color of the sky?

Like most people I thought the reason the sky was blue was because the sky and the oceans reflected off one another causing them both to be blue.  Of course I had never really read anything about why the sky is blue or ever heard the scientific reasoning for my belief on why the sky wa blue.  When my youngest child asked me recently I gave him my thoughts on it and then I thought I should really learn more about this soI can give the proper answer to his so I did.  I went and did some research on why the sky is blue and while the actual answer can be actually quite complicated I have condensed it in terms that are easy enough for anyone to understand.  So here is why the sky is blue:

Why Is the Sky Blue?

Believe it or not the reason the sky is blue actually has to do with the sun.  While we only actually see the sun as yellow or even sometimes white it is actually made up of many different colors.  We will never see those different colors with the naked eye because for one we can't get that close and two because if we were to get that close and look very long we would burn out our retinas.  The reason the sky is blue most of the time is because blues have the shortest wavelengths and the highest frequency of all the colors. This is called the electromagnetic spectrum.  If you want more precise details on what the magnetic spectrum is you can find more information here:  http://www.answers.com/topic/electromagnetic-spectrum

When clouds are present in the sky they are actually bigger then the wave lengths of light, that is why they appear white. As we all know however clouds can sometimes be gray and that is due sometimes to the fact that they are shadowed by other clouds or because they are so thick that all the suns light is not reflecting all the way through them, or because there is a lot of water accumulation  However on a clear day the blue light bumps in to gas which spreads it in all directions which happens on days that are not clear too, but on a clear day we are free to see all the blue the sky has to offer. Basically the molecules and air in the atmosphere are scattering the blue color over the earth.

That is the basic reasoning for why the sky is blue.

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You really made the subject matter very comprehensible. Well-done!

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Very interesting topic. I didn't know that myself. Thanks.voted up.

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Well explained making matters clearly understood. Now I know, Rae.Thanks for sharing.