Eight Astonishing Hybrid Animals
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Eight Astonishing Hybrid Animals

Hybridization refers to the process of creating new species by mating two different species. It plays a major role in evolutionary biology and DNA analysis. Here is the list of certain hybrid species either occurring naturally or created by scientists:

Hybridization refers to the process of creating new species by mating two different species. It occurs naturally between species that are closely related. However, scientists and current researchers are constantly in pursuit of creating new hybrids that have more advantages compared to their parent species. In addition to that, hybridization also plays a major role in evolutionary biology and DNA analysis.

Here is the list of certain hybrid species either occurring naturally or created by scientists:



A Cama is a hybrid between a male camel and a female llama, produced by artificial insemination. The main aim of this cross was to produce an animal with the size and strength of camel while having the temperament and higher quantity of wool of llama. However, the result was not entirely what was expected: Their temperament is still of camels’ and they are also attracted to female llamas.



A Dzo is a hybrid of yak and domestic cattle. It is a male hybrid and sterile. The female counterparts, known as Dzomo, are fertile. Dzo are larger and stronger than their parents i.e. cattle and yak. They are also more productive in milk and meat.



Beefalo is a hybrid offspring of an American bison and a domestic cow. It is a fertile hybrid having the characteristics of both parents, created to produce red meat with low cholesterol and fat levels.



A Wholphin is produced by a cross between false killer whale and bottlenose dolphin. They are rare and have been reported to exist in the wild. At present only two are in captivity, both at Sea Life Park in Hawaii.



The liger is a hybrid offspring of a lion and a tigress. It is the largest animal of living cats and felines. They often grow larger than their parent species. Ligers enjoy swimming like tigers and are very sociable like lions.



A zebroid is a hybrid offspring of a cross between zebra and any other equine, normally a horse or a donkey. Zorse, zonkey and zony are some other favorable combinations. Though they are striped like a zebra, they resemble their non-zebra parent in appearance. Zebroids are preferred for riding to zebras due to their body shape. However they are more temperamental and difficult to handle.

Savannah Cat


The savannah cat is a hybrid breed of African serval cat and a domestic cat. It is one of the largest breeds of domestic cats. Savannah cat is the most popular breed due to their sociable nature and loyalty. They can also be trained for more tough tasks like playing fetch.



A Tigon is an offspring of male tiger and lioness. It has spots like mother and stripes like father. Unlike ligers, they do not exceed their parent species in size due to the growth-inhibitory genes inherited from their mothers. However they do not exhibit any dwarfism.

Source: Wikipedia

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Comments (12)

Wow what a wonderful showing of hybrid animals I think I like the Tigon the most. Thanks for the great pictures!

I didn't hear of these hybrid animals except the savannah cat. Pics are great and I learned something new from you.

Amazing! And the savannah cat is so beautiful. Voted and appreciated.

very interesting

Ranked #3 in Biology

Interesting breeds.

Ranked #25 in Biology

Great images and interesting topic! Voted up!

Ranked #16 in Biology

Thank you everyone for reading and commenting.

These are amazing. You write about things i didn't even know existed!

I had only heard about the Savannah. I have a book of cat breeds it is listed in and Chan wrote about different cat breeds. The rest are totally new to me. Great write.

I've heard of natural matings of tigers with lions and here in Scotland, a goat and sheep mated but hadn't heard of this. Great info :D

I am not for hybrid animals, but I found this article to be very informative and interesting. I enjoyed the added photos as well. A great early morning read for me. I thought a Liger was someones imagination gone wild. Thanks for sharing. My kids are going to make an online zoo visit here today and check out your page! I am out of votes but I will come back at a later time and vote this one up.

Interesting information. Hybrid Animals and their characteristics have always created ample amount of curiosity - leading to all these experiments.