Super Schools to Obtain Your Biology Degree
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Super Schools to Obtain Your Biology Degree

A list of schools to obtain your biology degree.

A biology degree encompasses one of the largest areas of science. This area includes the study of living organisms and their environments. Most schools offer a bachelor degree in the arts for biology and a bachelor degree of biology in science.

Jobs that require a biology degree are labortory technicians including medical technicians, high school teachers, science researcher, park ranger, fishery manager, animal trainer and caretaker, microbologist, disease specialist, nursing, medicine, ecologist and environmental researcher.

The biology degree includes a core group of classes that include other sciences, math, pysiology, ecology, lab sciences, marine life courses and celluar biology. From this core you can then choose to study options in the major. These options depend on what school you attend, but usually include celluar biology, ecology, marine biology, general biology and combination majors such as biochemistry. This is a major that is often taken by those intending to train at an advanced professional school such dentistry or medicine or vetinarian science.

Most community collages and universities that offer science offer a biology major. Community collages generally provide the core classes that a university would have you take for the first two years of school. You can find schools that offer biology majors in every state. There are also schools that offer this degree online if you need to work while earning your degree. Some schools you can attend are listed below.

The highest ranked university with a biology major is Stanford University which is a private school followed by the University of Chicago, another private school. Other top private schools include Boston University, Vanderbilt, American University in Washington DC, Adelphi University in New York, and Rice University in Texas. Some prominent public universities are the University of Washington, University of Arizona, University of Delaware, and the University of California at Santa Cruz. Some online schools that offer a biology degree are Ashford University and DeVry Univesity in Biomedical Engineering Technology or Clinical Laboratory Science. Many online schools offer a degree in the Health Sciences.

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