The Longest Non-Stop Flight in the World:Bar-Tailed Godwit
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The Longest Non-Stop Flight in the World:Bar-Tailed Godwit

It is not an airplane, it is not superman, it is not a space shuttle. It is the Bar-Tailed Godwit. The Bar-Tailed Godwit can fly for 8 days non-stop. Scientists tagged this bird and found out that it is the record holder for long distance flight. The Bar-Tail makes the world's longest trip in air without stopping for food or water. This bird traveled from Alaska to New Zealand (7,258 mi) without getting any sleep and it does not need a co-pilot.Consider this, the Bar-Tail travels farther than any man-made machine in the air. In fact, the Bar-Tail has its own built-in air traffic control tower and Weather Channel. Here is what U.S. Geological Survey Biologist Bob Gill had to say:" bar-tailed godwits have the ability to sense upcoming storm systems that give them tailwinds for much of their long journeys across the globe." This bird is more superior than any flying object that man has ever built. Professor Hedenström stated," the bar-tailed godwit is far superior to all aircraft constructed by humans when it comes to the art of flying for a long time without a break." Learn more about the little bird that can fly 192 hours non-stop.

Intelligently Designed Bar-Tails

The longest non-stop flight in the world is performed by a bird called the Bar-Tailed Godwit. This bird can travel 7,258 miles without stopping for fuel. The Bar-Tail is a small bird. It has very short legs and its about 37cm to 41cm from the bill to the end of the tail. With a wingspan of 62cm to 80cm, one scientist said: "it flies like a Concord." Male Bar-Tails can weight 250-350 grams while the females may weigh 300-500 grams. They breed on open tundra and lay 2-5 eggs which usually hatch in 20-21 days. This flying machine may fly up to 3,000 miles high. Bar-Tails are Intelligently Designed.

An Aerodynamic Body

Scientists are baffled about how the Bar-Tailed Godwit performs the longest non-stop flight in the world. Bar-Tails eat clams, worms, berries, seeds, and plants. Scientists do know that fat reserves do play a major role in their ability to fly around the globe. Researchers are saying that this bird may have an "aerodynamic body" that helps it fly from Alaska to New Zealand. In one report, Bob Gill said the "birds may have taken the Asian route eons ago." Gill has been studying the Godwits for 20 years and still finds it "jaw-dropping." The Bar-Tail have a powerful heart and lungs.This bird was created by a "Perfect Engineer."

The Real Non-Stop Flight:Bar-Tail E7

All in all, the Bar-Tailed Godwit did make the longest non-stop flight in the world. This is a fact and not a rumor. Believe it or not, the Bar-Tail has one of the most efficient engines in the world. Here are the facts as told by Ned Rozel in  the Alaska Science Forum. "On Aug. 29, a bird named E7 was tagged. It left Yukon River Delta and landed on North Cape, New Zealand on Sept. 7." E7 never stopped to get rest, food, or sleep. Gill and other researchers tracked the birds constant movements. Amazingly, the Godwit is a shore bird and it can not swim for long periods time. Pre-flight arrangements and planning is essential to survival for the Godwit. Aviation engineers and aircraft designers marvel at the Bar-Tails automatic navigation system.Some of them envy the Godwit. A pilot will fall out of the sky if he tried to fly eight days straight.No aircraft can do what the Bar-Tail Godwit can do.

What do you think?

Did a little bird weighing less than 500 grams figure out how to travel 7,258 miles non-stop by itself? Or are its amazingly designed bones and strong feathers shows evidence of a designer?


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Comments (2)
Ranked #4 in Biology

Hi, I live in New Zealand and we look forward to the arrival of these wee travellers every year.

Ranked #47 in Biology

Thanks for your comment Val. These are some amazing birds and there is a lot that humans can learn from them.