The Magnificent and Elegant-Looking Black Animals
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The Magnificent and Elegant-Looking Black Animals

A list of magnificent and elegant black-colored animals.

Black is a color that does not emit or reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum. It is the color of seriousness and authority. Black is a symbol of mourning and bad luck to some and good luck to others.

Notable Black Mammals

Friesian Horse

Image Source

This elegant looking horse is the Friesian Sporthorse stallion, a horse breed that originated Friesland, Netherlands. Friesians are noted for being graceful and nimble for their size.

Black Jaguar

Image Source

This Black Jaguar, a melanistic jaguar, was photographed at the Henry Doorly Zoo. Melanism remains relatively rare in jaguars.

Black Panther

Image Source

Black Panther is scientifically known as Panthera pardus. The Black Panther on the above photo was photographed from the Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, Arizona, USA. It is actually a black leopard.

Macaca nigra

Image Source

Macaca nigra is commonly known as Celebes Crested Macaque, an Old World monkey that inhabits the island of Sulawesi and nearby areas. It is also known as the Crested Black Macaque, Black Ape and Sulawesi Crested Macaque.

Black Fox

Image Source

This animal which is known as Black Fox is a black color phase of a Red Fox. It was photographed in San Juan Island, Washington in the US.

Eastern Gray Squirrel

Image Source

Although the word grey is included on the name of the Eastern Grey Squirrel it appears to be black. It is scientifically named Sciurus carolinensis. This Eastern Grey Squirrel was photographed in Ottawa, Ontario.

Flat Coated Retriever

Image Source

One of the coolest-looking breed of black dogs is the Flat-Coated Retriever, a gun dog that originated from the United Kingdom. The Flat-coated Retriever on the above photo is named Molly.

Bombay Cat

Image Source

If you are not superstitious, the elegant-looking Bombay Cat would be a nice choice for a pet. This cat of Burmese type has black coat, toes and nose.

Black Rabbit

Image Source

The Black Rabbit, also known as Ryukyu Rabbit, can only be found in the small islands of Amami Oshimma and Toku-no-Shima in Japan It is also known as Amami Rabbit or Amamino kuro usage is scientifically known as Pentalagus furnessi.

Australian Brangus

Image Source

Australian Brangus is a crossbreed of Brahman and Angus cattle. It is a beef cattle breed that was developed in Queensland, Australia

Notable Black Birds

Common Raven

Image Source

A Common Raven is scientifically named Corvus corax. It has been considered a pest. This all-black passerine bird was mentioned in the Bible during the Great Flood during the time of Noah.

Alpine Chough

Image Source

The Alpine Chough or formally knwon as Pyrrhocorax graculus is a crow that inhabits the continents of Europe. Its plumage is glossy black and has yellow colored bill and red legs and yellow colored bill hence it is also commonly known as Yellow-billed Chough.

African Open Bill

Image Source

African Open Bill is scientifically known as Anastomus_lamelligerus. It is a bird with long legs and huge bill. This species of stork inhabits many countries of Africa from angola to Zimbabwe.

A Black Insect/Arthropods

Pimelia modesta

Image Source

Black Scorpion

Image Source

The Black Scorpion on the above photo is an Asian Forest Scorpion. It is scientifically known as Heterometrus laoticus. It was photographed in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand.

Black Widow

Image Source

Black Widow or Latrodectus mactans is an extremely venomous spider species. But like mosquitoes, only the female Black Widow bites human.

Notable Black Reptile

Spectacled Cayman

Image Source

The Spectacled Caiman or Caiman crocodile is black-colored reptile that can be found in Central and South America. Also known as Common Caiman, it has been observed that it change color making it darker during winter.

Source: Black Animals

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Yes, black animals are a breed apart.

Ranked #11 in Biology

Wonderful pictures. My favourite is the panther. My little boy preferred the scorpion! Nice work.

Wow, mayroon din palang itim na buwaya. Good info here, kabayan.


I Jane a black bunny named midnight and she looks just like the one shown on your website so cute :)

Some of the photo's won't load for me but I'd have to say my fav. are the Fresians. Great article!