The Members of the Arthropods Family
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The Members of the Arthropods Family

Arthropods come in different kinds; these are the crustaceans, the insects, the chilopods, the diplopods and the arachnids.

Arthropods come in different kinds; these are the crustaceans, the insects, the chilopods, the diplopods and the arachnids.

The crustaceans have two divisions in their body. Examples of crustaceans are the crab, the fiddle crab, the hermit crab, the sea mantis, the shrimp and the Cray fish. The crustacean’s body is divided into two; the abdomen and the cepalothorax. These organisms have five pairs of walking legs.

The insects have three distinct body divisions; the head, the thorax and the abdomen. There are two pairs of wings and here pairs of legs that are attached in the thorax. The insects take oxygen inside their body using the trachea. They undergo metamorphosis and molting as well. Organisms belong to this group are the moth, the grasshopper, the butterfly, the firefly, the beetle, the housefly, the mosquito, the ant, the dragonfly, the bee and many others.

Centipedes belong to the chilopods. The centipedes have a flattened body; these are also segmented and elongated. Each segments of the centipede’s body has a pair of legs. There is a poisonous claw located in the segment behind their head. The claws used in order to catch, paralyzed and to kill the prey.

Millipedes belong to the diplopods; this organism usually comes in dark brown or in red. Their bodies are segmented and each of these segments has two pairs of legs. Millipedes have a pair of short antennae. They usually coil themselves into a ring when touched, maybe as a form of their defense mechanism.

We can found millipedes on the ground and more particularly in the ground with dead leaves as well as other plant materials. This is because one of their familiar foods is the decaying elements.

Naturally millipedes are not poisonous organisms, they only secret a substance from the sides of their bodies when they are disturbed, producing a bad smell.

The arachnids have two divisions in their body; the cepalothorax and the un-segmented abdomen. There are four pairs of walking legs that are attached in the cepalothorax. A book lungs that serves as their respiratory organ located near the anterior of their stomach.

There are different kinds of organisms belong to the arthropods. To sum up they are the crustaceans, the insects, the chilopods, the diplopods and the arachnids. Each of these organisms differs from each other but they have something in common, the reason they belong to the arthropod family.

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