The Most Beautiful Multi-Colored Flowers in the World
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The Most Beautiful Multi-Colored Flowers in the World

If you love ornamental plants that bear multi-colored flowers the list of plants below are the right and best choice for you. HereÂ’s a list of the loveliest and most attractive multi-colored flowers.

If you love ornamental plants that bear multi-colored flowers the list of plants below are the right and best choice for you. Here’s a list of the loveliest and most attractive multi-colored flowers.

1.) Strelitzia

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Strelitzia is one of the most attractive multi-colored flowers in the world. The scientific name of this lovely and brightly-colored bird is Strelitzia reginae which commemorates Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, queen consort of King George III. It is native to South Africa and is also commonly known as Crane Flower or Bird of Paradise. The flower is consists of three brilliant orange sepals and three purplish-blue petals.

2.) Darling Wildflower

Image Source

One of the most beautifully-colored flowers in the world is the Darling Wildflower. It is scientifically known as Geissorhiza radians. It belongs to the genus Geissorhiza which has about 80 species of flowering plants. This beautiful wildflower is from South Africa.

3.) Wandflower

Image Source

Wandflower or Sparaxis tricolor, as its formal name implies, is a beautiful plant with multi-colored flowers. This plant with tri-colored flowers is endemic to southern Africa. It is also commonly known as Harlequin Flower and Sparaxis.

4.) Harlequin Blueflag

Image Source

The Harlequin Blueflag or Iris versicolor is a lovely plant with multi-colored and beautiful flowers. This plant usually grows in meadows, stream banks, shores and marshes. This North American native plant is also commonly known as Larger Blue Flag, Northern Blue Flag.

5.) Trigida pavonia

Image Source

Tigridia pavonia is a famous ornamental plant that originated from Mexico. This beautiful plant with brightly-colored flowers is very popular among the lovers of interesting flowers. The blooms open early in the morning and closed at sun down. Every day a different bloom is opened. The flower has a big variety of colors.

6.) Walking Iris

Image Source

One of the most beautiful iris plants that bear beautiful multi-colored flowers is the Walking Iris. It is endemic to Africa, Central and South America. This plant, which is also commonly known as Apostle Plant, is a species that shows many differences in color and shape between both whorls of sepals.

7.) Borage

Image Source

Borage is an ornamental plant that bears pretty multi-colored flowers. It originated in Syria and can be found in the Mediterranean region, Europe and South and Central America. It is bristly or hairy all over the stems and leaves but the flowers are complete, perfect with five narrow, triangular-pointed petals which are blue or pink in color. In milder climates, this plant will bloom continuously for most of the year. It is also commonly known as Starflower because of the star-shaped of the flower.

8.) Red Palulu

Image Source

Red Palulu is a brightly-colored flower endemic to South America. It can be found specifically in Brazil and Guiana. This plant that grows up to 1.5 meters tall is scientifically named Heliconia bihai. It is also commonly known as Bihai bihai. It is a popular ornamental plant in hot regions. Its unique and colorful flower acts as cup where birds and insects drink.

9.) Cascade Calico Flower

Image Source

Downingia yina is a The Cascade Calico Flower is a distinctive, colorful wildflower that can be found in the Pacific Northwest from Washington to California. Its colorful flower has three fused lower petals which are blue or violet with a central spot which is white with a yellow center. This pattern is attractive to pollinating insects and helps them navigate to the flower's center. The two upper blue petals may fold together to face each other, or stick straight out.

10.) Lobster Claw

Image Source

This brightly colored flower was commonly named Lobster Claw because of its striking resemblance to a lobster’s claw. It is scientifically named Heliconia rostrata and can be found in South America. It is also commonly known as the False-Bird-of-Paradise. This lovely flower is the national flower of Bolivia.

11.) Rick Rack Cactus

Image Source

Rick Rack Cactus, which is also commonly known as Fish Bone Cactus and Zigzag Cactus, is scientifically named Selenicereus anthonyanus. This beautiful flower is endemic to southern Mexico. It has become a popular ornamental plant for its beautiful nocturnal flowers and unusual stems.

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