The Nutrients That the Producers Need
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The Nutrients That the Producers Need

The plants are the producers in the environmentÂ’s nutrient cycle. There are nutrients that they need in order for them to survive; plants make their own food using these so-called nutrients.

Different plants provide different benefits to humans. The plants produce foods as well as shelter; some of the plants are also use as medicines.

The tress are cut to produce logs, from these logs we produce woods and lumber where we use to create different kinds of wood-works such as chairs, tables, cabinets, beds and so much more. Nevertheless, these trees are the source of main materials used for most of our houses.

Plants produce different kinds of crops vegetables and fruits. Humans eat rice, bananas, potatoes, different kinds of vegetables fruits and root crops. These are all came from plants.

Herbal plant medicines are being utilized by man since ancient times. These heal different physical illnesses experienced by man. Plants are good medicinal sources, today the uses of herbal medicines are still being practiced especially if there are no medicines available. Modern medicines also use plants as material sources.

Other benefits we can get from plants are their capability to absorb waters. This capability prevents flood from occurring as plants serve as natural water reservoir. Unfortunately, trees are being cut down for logging in different places in the globe. With these a lot of places suffer from flash floods which cost innocents lives of people.

Plants also give us fresh air as they absorbed carbon dioxide and released oxygen which is essential for human respiration.

Another thing is that plants help to keep the nutrient cycle going as they serve as the producer in the ecosystem. The plants are the producers in the environment’s nutrient cycle.

Like humans the plants need some essential elements to cater with their growth and development.

There are nutrients that they need in order for them to survive; plants make their own food using these so-called nutrients. They take these nutrients from the soil water and from the air.

Examples of these nutrients are carbon dioxide from the air as well as phosphorus and nitrogen from the soil (the nitrogen here is in the form of nitrate, a kind of nitrogen compound).

The plants absorb different nutrients from the soil using their roots while it takes nutrients from the air through their leaves. With the use of the sun’s energy, plants manufactured their own food with water and carbon dioxide.

Some of the foods that are produced by plants are the carbohydrates that contain carbon as well as protein which also contains nitrogen. Carbohydrates and proteins are just two examples of organic compounds.

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