Lovebirds as Pets

Lovebirds are great pets. They are entertaining and can brighten up even your worst mood. If you wanted to have one, here's a guide on where to buy lovebirds and how.

Lovebirds could be a great pet. Their playful nature will surely lighten up the mood of anyone who watches them play. This characteristic of lovebirds captivates the heart of every pet lover and make them want to have one or a pair of those cute little birds. But it is always important for every aspiring lovebird owner to consider some pointers in choosing a place where to buy the birds just to make sure that the lovebirds are at its best condition. This article will help you on how and where to buy lovebirds.


Lovebirds are smaller version of the parrots in terms of personality. They love to play, spin around and sometimes they can be noisy. A tamed lovebird love to be with human. They can dance on their owner's shoulder and can be very entertaining. Lovebirds can be raised in pair but if you wanted to bond with your pet and spend lot of time with it, it's better to have only one lovebird. If you are a busy person and can seldom bond with your pet, better get him a companion to prevent him from being bored.

Look for breeders and hobbyist

In buying lovebirds, it is best to look for people who are known to be lovebirds enthusiast. They are the people who are passionate about lovebirds and can give you a pretty deal of advise regarding the pet. When you deal with these people, you can be assured of the quality of the bird you are about to buy. For sure they are properly maintained. Not only that, they can also supplement you some tips and advice on how to take care of the animal.

In order to meet these people, you can visit some bird shows or look for an organization of lovebird owners in your area, in case there's one. This is a great venue to know who are into breeding and who are selling the best lovebirds in town. You can also get handful insights about where to buy lovebirds, how to maintain them and what are the dos and don'ts in having them as pets.

Pet shops

Pet shop is where you can commonly get lovebirds but be very careful in buying bird from a pet shop. You should be keen on some factors like how they maintain the animals in their shop, the cleanliness issue and the condition itself of the bird you wanted to take home. Lovebirds who are kept in dirty and crowded aviaries maybe poorly maintained. Those who are offered at a very low price might be smuggled or with some kind of illness. Look for the bird that is healthy and friendly. Also go for the one who looks tamed already or a bird who can interact better with the owner. Don't just be comfortable with an assurance of the owner that the bird is quite wild and can easily be tamed. If it appears to be aloft even with the handler, you think twice because chances are, you'll find it difficult to handle the pet yourself.


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